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It’s often said that ‘timing is everything’, but it is just as true – and perhaps more so – that teaming is everything!

We are the creators of Teamability®: new technology and integrated team analysis and management methods based on fundamental differences in the way people seek to make meaningful team contributions. Teamability was engineered to provide leadership guidance, to improve workplace engagement, and to sustain organizational health and productivity.

Team Analysis based on Teamability results and methods is generating extraordinary results across a range of situations, functional areas of business, and vertical markets. 

Each time we succeed in delivering financial and organizational performance benefits to our clients, we serve our mission of ‘making the workplace a better place to work.’

The TGI Team

Dr. Janice Presser, Co-Founder and CEO of The Gabriel Institute, is a behavioral scientist and the architect of the technology that powers Teamability.  She has devoted most of her working life to the study of team interaction in its many forms, and is an authority in the measurement of individual and group teaming behaviors.

Dr. Presser served on SHRM’s Human Capital Assessment/Metrics Special Expertise Panel, the Taskforce on Workforce Planning, and the Taskforce on Metrics and Measurements. She is also Contributing Editor for Selection in ELLA®, the Employment Labor Law Audit. She tweets as @DrJanice, networks on LinkedIn, and blogs at In addition to her CEO and spokesperson duties, she also leads TGI’s technology strategy and deployment programs.
Dr. Presser has authored six books, most recently @DrJanice: Thoughts and Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork & Teamability®. A followup to @DrJanice is in preparation, to be followed by a volume that explores the theoretical and physical foundations of teaming, and the profound impact of team analysis on the structure, development, and leadership of teams.

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Mark Talaba, President & COO
Mark became an advisor to TGI in 2009, after serving 6 years as the CEO of software developer Softwrite Computer Systems, and 4 years as CEO of RealTime Technologies, creators of integrated barcode and radio-frequency data capture solutions for the manufacturing enterprise.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded a design-oriented manufacturing business while still in college, sold it after 4 years, and launched an architectural arts studio that operated for 14 years. Since 2010, he has been responsible for TGI’s business development, financial management, marketing, and general business operations.

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Ron Pirollo, Chief Financial Officer
Ron’s industry experience spans the Consumer Products, Environmental Services, and Consumer Services industries, and he was named 2012 CFO of the Year by SmartCEO Magazine.

During the course of his 27 year career as a Controller, VP Finance, CAO, and CFO, Ron has been responsible for all aspects of corporate financial planning, management, and reporting, and has successfully guided three small (<$10 million) companies through the financial and organizational challenges of growing to midsize ($40+ million) and large ($1+ billion) annual company revenues.

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Dr. Jack Gerber is Senior Vice President, R&D,  and Co-Founder of The Gabriel Institute. His unique expertise is in the development and use of parametric, nonparametric and blended statistical techniques. An internationally recognized authority on Rorschach and projective assessment, Dr. Gerber was the first person to develop a computer program to score Rorschach responses from the natural language responses.

Dr. Gerber’s extensive research and development background was essential to the work of the team that developed the Executive Behavior Assessment, Role-Based Assessment, and other individual, pair, and team assessment technologies. At TGI, he leads all research and development activities.

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LindsayK_websiteLindsay Kenney, TGI’s Client Services ManagerLindsay is focused on coordinating, supporting, and communicating with the Teamability User and TGI Channel Partner communities. She also leads our very active Student Internship program, and presents online Teamability coursework. Lindsay is a graduate of Boston College, has an M.A. in Philosophy from Temple University and worked extensively in customer-facing business roles prior to joining TGI.

Stephen M. Goodman, of Morgan Lewis, is TGI’s advisor in both legal and strategic development.

Investors in The Gabriel Institute

The Gabriel Institute has been blessed with support from a wonderful group of 18 private investors. Many of them first experienced Teamability as end-users, employing the technology for selection, team development, and performance improvement in their businesses. Through their participation in TGI’s long-running ‘friends and family’ fundraising, and their unshakable belief in TGI’s mission, we have overcome countless obstacles on the way to achieving profitable operations in 2014.

As we face the challenges of accelerating growth, we will seek additional funding. Direct any inquries regarding equity in TGI and the Teamability technology to Mark Talaba, Mtalaba (at) The Gabriel Institute (dot) com.

Executive Teambuilders and Channel Partners

TGI’s go-to-market strategy is primarily channels-driven, and operates on two levels. Executive Teambuilders sell Teamability solutions directly to their clients, often providing value-added services. They also recruit and develop Teamability Reps, who typically focus on selling Teamability solutions, but may also offer related consulting services.

T410K Honor Roll

In 2012, not long after Teamability® was was made commercially available,  TGI launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on We called our campaign ‘Teamability for 10,000 Entrepreneurs’ (T410K), and our ‘pay it forward’ pledge was to provide 10,000 free uses of Teamability (nearly $1 million worth) to ‘treps’ who were involved in startup incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial education and support programs. Our objective was to help startup companies build strong, resilient teams.

Thanks to our generous contributors, we raised over $40,000 in 40 days, and the T410K resource was launched. As a permanent expression of our appreciation, we present the T410K Honor Roll:

Ronald Adler Randy M.
Amendia Inc. Janine N. Truitt
Deb Babbitt Crystal Pang
Bob Beaser Don Patrick
Jeff Beaudin Jenny Periquito
Mark Benoliel Margot Pordes
Jessica Blank William Puryear
Don Cavalcanto Thomas R. James
Ray Celli Bill Ringle
Triton Data Kiara Robinson
Garrett Dimon Mark Salke
Harry E. Dingler Sandler Eye Care
Dr. Julie Edge Paul Sevcik
Lynn Erb John Snell
Larry Evans David Sorin
David Frankel Diana Spurgus
Suzanne Garber Ted Strunck
Steven Georges Tom Talaba
Jack Gerber Barbara Taylor
Jaimie Gill Michael Verrill
Reed Harvey John Vigna
Gavin Heaton Jim Villwock
Leona Hobbs Ray Wang
Susan Hoehne-Clark Frederick M. Wilf
Brendan Howe Linda Wingate
Darryl King Ruth Anne Wood
Michael Krupit Rick Zabor
Aggie Kucharska Anonymous
Bob Lehto Anonymous
Jaine Lucas Anonymous
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