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Dr. Presser's new book '@DrJanice' now available!

TGI customer wins SuperNova Emerging Technology award

"I am familiar with the assessment that is done by Right, and others, and frankly, the TGI technology really does take it to a new, conceptually important level of Human Infrastructure cohesiveness and effectiveness."

- Larry Evans


Right Management Consultants


There's a completely new 'technology of teaming''s called Teamability®

Gabriel Institute When work requires close collaboration, even the most extraordinary individual effort is no substitute for great teamwork.

In business, as in sports, the source of 'team spirit' has always been something of a mystery, but not anymore. The Gabriel Institute has created technology that reveals how people will perform when working with others to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals. In short, it measures Teamability: the ability to connect with others to form a productive team.

There are many ways to measure skills, talents, and traits, but teaming metrics are unique. It took 25 years of research and testing – including 9 years of software development – to produce Teamability reports, which are the foundation of TGI's Role-based Approach to selecting, structuring, managing and motivating teams.

Teamability®: a Positive I.D. on Team Performance

In 1984, two behavioral scientists – Dr. Janice Presser and Dr. Jack Gerber – set out to find an answer to the question "What really happens when people 'team' together?"
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New Information on 'Teaming' > Superior Business Results

In 2010, a fast-growing $1B+ mining company had been experiencing 30% new-hire turnover for several years. The firm began using Teamability, and the new-hire turnover rate plummeted to ZERO, where it remained for over 18 months. 
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Human Infrastructure: Keys to the Future

In the complex and rapidly changing environment of global markets, demographic transformation, virtual teaming, and social networking, the industrial-age view of people as a pool of ‘resources’ or 'capital' must eventually give way to a new understanding of individuals and teams as interoperating nodes in a mission-critical performance network.
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Test-Drive the TGI Technology of Teaming

We encourage you to see what Teamability can do for your organization, to select candidates, to better understand existing teams, or to improve team performance.
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