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Teamability® delivers true analytics of team chemistry through reports & methods that are easy to understand and apply.

Personal Value

“I’ve been in banking a long time, and have taken many tests – pre-hire and post-hire – but Dr. Janice’s Teamability uncovered things that have NEVER been revealed by any other product! My husband of 20 years read the report and said “How in the world did they know that about you?” Awesome and on point…simply remarkable.”

Lynn Ozer ~ President, SBA Lending
Susquehanna Bank

It’s been said that lifelong joy begins when passion and talent meet destiny. Some lucky people discover the details on their own, but most of us need a little help. Teamability can be the guide to your personal way of making meaningful contributions to your family, your team, your community, and to the world. The hour-long online experience, and the resulting Self-coaching Report, brings all of these things into focus.

Business Value

“Teamability® is essential to our company as we focus on culture change to facilitate our growth and sustainability in the future. Its easily understood, easily translatable, and easily applied ‘where the rubber meets the road’ tools, insight and support are key components of our quest.”

Ernie Inmon ~ Chairman and CEO
U. S. Axle, Inc.

Knowing how each person intrinsically seeks provide a specific, meaningful service is invaluable in selecting, developing, managing and motivating people to reach new heights of team contribution. In fact, a team – or an entire organization – can become more resilient, more collaborative, and more productive, simply by experiencing Teamability and using the ‘self-coaching’ feedback. But there is much more to it than this.The Team Analysis process and report depicts the collaborative structure of a team in terms of best-fit to people to job responsibilities, their best-fit to serve the specific mission of the team, and their constructive teaming with colleagues, company needs, prospects, and customers.

Teamability enables business owners and executives to better align each person’s working life with their personal passion, talents, and mode of team contribution. The payback is obvious — and the results have been extraordinary.

Team Analysis Pilots & Initiatives

“The notion of people having strategic value is broadly categorized as an art more than a science. But now, through Teamability, DrJanice helps us all understand human strategic value scientifically. And besides, she’s just plain cool.” 

Richie Etwaru ~ Chief Digital Officer
IMS Health

Why do experts consistently report job-failure rates of 30% to 40% for both new hires and internal promotions? Why is only 30% of the workforce positively engaged when on the job? Why do so many training and team building programs produce only temporary improvements?  What’s missing?

Monumental breakthroughs in science and culture usually revolve around the discovery of a ‘missing link’. In the business world, the missing link has been a reliable way to decode the bonds that exist between people and their teams, and a practical way to apply that information for business benefit. Teamability and its integrated management methods close these gaps.

Team Analysis gives you a clear picture of the way each person teams with others, while defining the collaborative structure of each group.

It also provides strategies and action steps that accelerate both individual and team performance. We invite you to join the business owners, CXOs, VPs, directors, and line managers who are using Teamability to align and energize teams in startups, midsize firms, and global organizations.

Teamability Playbook™ for Leaders

“I read my Playbook yesterday and could not be more thrilled.  It is the ultimate reference guide.  This will literally save years of trial and error, learning what makes the people on my team tick and how to work with them best.  Now I can skip the chase and get on with the business of being in business. Thank you a million times over!”

Paul Johnson, Director of Logistics
Blacklidge Emulsions

The Teamability Playbook™ brings the elements of teaming and team management together for you as a personalized guide to what’s really going on inside your team, and how to make the best of it for all concerned. It is not a report full of charts and graphs, nor is it generic management advice. Teamability Playbooks can only be constructed following completion of a Team Analysis. Each one is custom-configured to align each team leader’s specific way of teaming with the Roles of the people who are present on his/her team. There will be myriad differences between the Playbooks of different people who manage different types of teams. Each playbook will perfectly serve the person for whom it was prepared.

Team Analysis & Business Results

Client: Preferred Sands, a $1.0B enterprise in the mining industry

Problem: Frequent new-hire turnover in a fast-growing company. Also, escalating performance problems in a newly acquired business unit.

Results: Team Analysis guided changes in the operations management group, quickly resolving team performance issues. Meanwhile, adding Teamability to existing selection and hiring processes reduced the company’s new-hire turnover rate of 30% to Zero%, where it remained for 2½ years, as the workforce grew by 500+ people.

Preferred is deploying Teamability Playbook management methods through training at the management, executive, and C-level ranks.


Client: Amendia, a recently merged, growth-stage manufacturer of innovative devices for spinal reconstruction.

Problem: Post-merger integration of the team seemed to be in good shape, until the product sales began to take off, and all manner of trouble ensued. The CEO engaged TGI to evaluate his management team, which was straining to keep up with the demands of growth and rapid change.

Results: Various strengths and weaknesses in the collaborative structure of the team were revealed and addressed, according the the observations and action steps in the Team Analysis Report. They included:

• Simply improving Role-fit, and Team-fit would solve multiple issues.
• The job responsibilities of Managers were a good match for their Role.
• Two team members were not well-suited to Amendia’s high-stress environment. Coaching in stress management reduced problemating stress-induced behaviors
• One key Role (Communicator) was missing from the team, and a Communicator with excellent essential training and experience was found.

In an all-hands meeting, TGI educated the team in the concepts of Role-fit, Team-fit, Role-pairing, and Role-respect. Role-pairs on the team were identified and encouraged to work more closely with their Role-partner, which naturally generates positive chemistry.

With company growth accelerating to 78%/year, team interaction issues have been resolved, and the quality of collaboration, job satisfaction, and team synergy has improved significantly. In addition, Amendia has adopted Teamability for screening and hiring.


Client: A privately-held manufacturer of structural components.

Problem: The transition from standard workstation manufacturing processes to ‘lean’ manufacturing was failing, with potential to seriously disrupt business operations and sales.

Result: Teamability was used to establish Role-fit and Team-fit standards. Some employees who had done well at a workstation were not well-suited to the team collaboration that is required by the lean manufacturing approach. Realigning people with work activity that was a better fit resolution in performance and quality improvements that surpassed all expectations.

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